Quick T Print DTG as low as $1995.00

Comes With Refill Carts is a Great Value color Printer. This DTG printer has full Colors With Direct Drive…

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Print Colorful and Vibrant T-shirts In Seconds


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Our DTG technology can print on dark and light garments.


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We are US based Direct To Garment printers manufacture, we build printers in our state of the art facility located Florida.

Multi-purpose Printer
  • High quality 1440 x 2880 photo print resolutions.
  • New Print Head: Increasing print quality as well as extending the life of the print head.
  • Full color print head (4 CMYK color & 4 white),Or dual CMYK the Epson full Color Quick T Print DTG Engine delivers excellent prints!
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  • Print 50 light tees per hour.
  • Print 10 to 20 dark tees per hour.
  • Cured with any regular heat press.
  • 12.5 x 16 inch print area.
  • Dual CMYK or White Ink
  • Heavy Duty Frame made to last
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • 1 year warranty!

Variety Of Products To Print On!

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Quick T Print DTG Garment Printer

Made In USA. QUICK T PRINT This is A full Color Epson Print Eng. It Will Print White On Dark Garments

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